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130mm Kiridashi with Sheath

130mm Kiridashi with Sheath

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130mm (5.1") kiridashi with leather sheath. Each has a cutting edge that is approx. 40-45mm. 

I made a run of 7 kiridashi, which are utility knives for woodworking, whittling, marking, pencil sharpening, etc. These are all forged out of 26C3 carbon steel. Each one has a handmade leather sheath made by Milo Kolb, @milosrestorations on Instagram. I made them in three grind styles, double bevel(50/50), right hand (single-bevel), and left hand (single-bevel).

These aren't accurate to the way they are made in Japan, but they are handy and pretty cool. The "flat" sides to the single bevels are slightly concave for chisel-style sharpening. 

They will all have micro bevels unless you want them to be chisel-sharpened. Contact me after your order to request a chisel sharpening. Either through email: or through Instagram: @hyde.handmade

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