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170mm Western Chef

170mm Western Chef

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170 x 52mm (6.7 x 2") chef with two different pieces of Black and White Ebony. I really like this material, as its so varied, a lot like spalted materials. 

125Cr1 Carbon steel blade. 

I'm developing my semi-integral style and working with new tooling to try and get more consistent results. I think this knife has one of the best semi-integral necks I've done so far. All around, this is one of my favorite knives, and is the leading edge for me in where I want my style to go. It's a really nice, everyday use knife. Thin grind with nice weight in the hand, and a nimble tip to do all the work you'd need a knife to do. 

Weight: 5.5 oz

Balance point is at the neck. 

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