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205mm Damascus-clad Sujihiki with Saya

205mm Damascus-clad Sujihiki with Saya

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205 x 35mm sujihiki with black and white Ebony and mallee Burl handle. 

125Cr1/52100 twist damascus cladding over a 15N20 core. I have a large pile of steel left over from my early knifemaking days, so I’m currently throwing it all into damascus billets.

Most of the knives I like to make are monosteel with machine finishes, so every once in a while, I like to make something overly complicated and fancy. The twist damascus cladding was a much higher layer count than I’ve done in the past, the pattern has a flowing river look. I usually will pair a complicated damascus blade with a simple handle, and vise versa, as I often feel like doing fancy blade and handle will give you too much to look at, but I think this one is a nice balance of the two. 

Included is a friction fit saya made from padauk, which I think matches the handle well.  

Weight: 5.2oz

Balance point is at the heel of the knife. 

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