Knives are essential human tools

      When I turned 20, I decided that I would dedicate my life to being a Renaissance man. I started working in kitchens throughout Charleston, South Carolina, where I learned to proficiently use and care for knives. My obsession with knives began when I started stone-sharpening. The idea that a knife could be restored repeatedly to original sharpness opened the possibility to have a tool for a lifetime. At a crossroads in my life, I reached out to local knifemakers, interested in starting the craft of making chef knives. That’s when I met Quintin Middleton. He took me in as his apprentice and guided me for a year, teaching me the craft. It’s safe to say I would not be where I am without him. Since then, I have found purpose and pleasure from supplying people with tools to make cooking not just easier, but something to look forward to. My knives are both tools and pieces of artistic expression, and each knife is unique.

My goal is to supply people with tools that will last them a lifetime, and to be a part of the shift away from single-use or non-durable goods. With proper care, these knives will last long enough to become heirloom pieces. How many things that you own can you say that about? 



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