Our Services

Currently, we are producing kitchen knives and related accessories. We also offer a sharpening and repair service to customers local to Baltimore, MD. This includes handle repair/replacement, sharpening, edge repair, and rust removal/general polishing. 

We offer local sharpening services to the Baltimore area. Please see our sharpening services page here

As of Spring 2023, I exclusively working with carbon steels, I do not work with stainless alloys in knives at this time. My main steels are 26c3, 1084, and 15N20.

My lumber supply is mostly a collection of woodworking scraps from friends, but I am looking to shift towards using reclaimed firewood and woodworking scraps, mostly from the counties surrounding Baltimore. If you have a piece of sentimental wood or other materials you’d like to use, please let me know and I can try to work them in. For exotic woods, I use Exotic Lumber down in Annapolis, so finer handle materials can be sourced if that is what you want.  


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